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Acoustid fingerprinting and id tagging

Hello, I apologize if this is answered somewhere, I searched and looked through the results but did not see anything immediately conclusive.

I have not used Jaikoz in a long time ~2008ish, and was probably never an expert to begin with.

My questions:

  • is there a simple way for me to generate/tag only the acoustid fingerprint and acoustid id, without changing any other tags ? ie disable any local/online auto correct or updates, except for the acoustid tags?
  • can I do the above in bulk of 200k+ tracks, mainly mixed mp3/flac ?

again, I only want to finger print the tracks, and have the acoustic id fields updated, no other changes made to any files/tags.

at first glance, it seems I maybe can drop some files in, and simply hit the red music note on the toolbar and then save, to do groups at a time.

I just want to make sure no other tags are modified, and no renaming occurs.

and ideally, I could point this at my music root folder and have it process recursively in the background without having to try to load 200k+ tracks at once.

thanks for any advice/input/help.

Hi, yes if you load your files into Jaikoz and select the red music note, this is the same as running Action:Remote Correct:Retrieve Acoustids and will do just as you say. Also as long as you have Preferences:MusicBrainz:Acoustid:Save Acoustic Ids to file as retrieved enabled, then it will save the acoustid to file as retrieved.

This is important for you because with so many files you may hit OutOfMemoryError, so with this enabled it means you wont have to redo any Acoustids if there is problem.

Because you have so many files you will either have to load in batches or if you have a machine with lots of memory you can increase the max memory Jaikoz uses. How you do this depends on your OS, details for Windows here.

Note, Jaikoz only works ion the file loaded into the main window, so you cannot process recursively in the background without having to try to load 200k+ tracks at once, but this is the approach SongKong takes meaning SongKong can be used on music collections of any size.