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Acoustid fingerprint submission processing issue!

I have 616 mp3 without metada. the titles are also incorrect. When i try to process them I get the error: “Unable to submit fingerprints, check your acusticid api” help pease!

Run Create Support Files please

wontlet me attach the zip files it created. says wrong format

You can’t upload them to this forum but you can email them to

I think the message actually said

Unable to submit fingerprints, please check your Acoustid Api Key at Preferences:MusicBrainz:Acoustid

So go here

Select Visit Website button

Login to Acoustid using one of the providers

It should show a currrent API key, if it doesn’t selected Generate a new API key , if different to the one displayed in Jaikoz replace the Acoustid key in Jaikoz with the one from the website