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AcoustId but no match


I have an album with 6 FLAC-songs in it. When I let SongKong fix the songs, an Acoustid Id is found for each of them.
All 6 Id’s correspond to the Id’s of the album on MusicBrainz. However, SongKong is unable to set the MB details (recording, release, artist, etc.) of one song.
What could be the reason for this? Isn’t there always a match with MusicBrainz as soon as an AcoustId is found?

Thanks, Jeroen

Please run Create Support Files so I can see full details.

Thanks, the support files should have been sent to you.

Hi, received the support files, the issue is that your track 6 is not being matched to the MusicBrainz track because the track lengths do not match up, your track is 33 seconds longer than the time registered on MusicBrainz

For your typical 4 minute pop-rock track this is a massive difference and indicates an error, however for a 17 minute track the difference is less problematic. So maybe the track duration check should be proportional rather than hard coded limit of 10 seconds

From Logs

Checking Release Track Duration Failed:Igor Stravinsky, Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester, Andrew Litton:10934884:The Rite Of Spring; Petrushka (1911):Song:Le Sacre du printemps:Pt. II: The Sacrifice:1105:Seconde Partie: Le Sacrifice:1072

You may be able to override this in the forthcoming release which contains a Match to One Album task, expect to be done this week.

There is indeed a considerable difference in track length. I checked the recording (bought at Qobuz) and there is a rather long silence at the end. I’m looking forward to fix the matching with the Match to One Album feature, that would be a neat and efficient solution.
Thanks, Jeroen

New release now available - SongKong 10.0 Nowhere released 13th of November 2023

BTW, not an issue in this case but no that is not true.

When you generate a fingerprint that is then looked up in Acoustid database, and if the same or sufficiently similar to an existing fingerprint then Acoustid server returns an AcoustId, if not it allocates a new AcoustId and submits that. Any basic metadata in your audio file is also submitted to Acoustid (album, titkle, artist) and this is also stored in the Acoustid database and can be returned.

But there is no automatic linking of an AcoustId to a Musicbrainz Id, the AcoustId database is much larger than the MusicBrainz database and so there are many Acoustids that are not linked to a MusicBrainz Recording Id. The linking is done by tools such as SongKong when it has independently matched an album with Acoustids to a MusicBraiunz release using just metadata, then the pairing can be submitted and used by subsequents lookiups.

Thank you for the explanation.

Track 6 had a match but was not updated due to the different track duration.

I tried the Match to One Album, but no album match was found. Would this issue be caused again by the duration of track 6?

I guess so, I thought i may have disabled that check but seems not. You could force the match with Jaikoz, you can use Jaikoz in a session on upto 20 files without needing a license.