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Accuracy of tagging

I am a refugee from TuneUp, so am trying to reconcile a Gracenote world with a Musicbrainz one.

Recently, I used Jaikoz to clean up my rather extensive music collection - most of which I have the provenance for, since most of the music I have came from CDs. The results were…lackluster.

Some of the problem stems from Musicbrainz data - but there is functionality I can’t seem to figure out in Jaikoz. the bottom line is that the music files are being tagged incorrectly, and badly incorrect at that. In order to narrow down the root cause, I focused on a specific artist - the Beatles - because I know every CD I have, and know every song file I ripped from those CDs were done before the iTunes music store existed and the only digitized files I had access to was the Parlophone albums, Past Masters 1 and 2, 1 and maybe the first Anthology. the Capitol catalog didn’t exist yet, and I am pretty sure all the singles/EPs/etc were either privately digitized or bootlegs.

Jaikoz made a hash of my Beatles catalog. It broke apart albums. Assigned songs to singles that I never owned. I had songs attached to “The U.S. Albums” when they should have been applied to Beatles For Sale, or another Parlophone release. I have a song identified as a “DVD medley” when it’s just “Help!” I have Let It Be labeled as a documentary. I have songs labeled as Bootleg recordings when I have never acquired a bootleg, and the song itself was part of one of the Anthology albums.

Now, I know much of this is on the database, but what TuneUp was able to do is review all the songs in the selection, and prioritize making an album first, even if it made duplicates, before reaching for more esoteric selections. I can’t seem to make Jaikoz do anything similar to this.

I’ve also noticed that Jaikoz takes the first selection as far a genre tagging, even after I confirmed in Musicbrainz that there are higher rated (more accurate) genres.

The end result is that, one I passed my 50,000+ songs through Jaikoz, I ended up with a ton of bad genres and songs incorrectly assigned.

I’m not sure if SongKong is better or if I am just not setting up Jaikoz correctly, or if it’s really just bad data. Granted, I’m a bit spoiled, because TuneUp really did do a good job matching songs to the albums I knew I had, but much of that may have been due to what Gracenote has in place.

The problem is, I can’t see any way to make Jaikoz prefer an album, or keep to standard genres. No matter what I set in the preferences, it doesn’t seem to do much more than grab the first set of data Musicbrainz presents. The result is I’m now manually going through my entire music catalog and repairing the bad genres, mismatched albums and misidentified songs.

Any insights into how to improve Jaikoz’s tagging would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, surprised you say Tuneup did a really good job, usually people say the opposite!

So let clarify a few points, is Jaikoz really matching to incorrect song or just incorrect album ?

Its pretty rare for it to wrongly identify the incorrect song, but if your collection is in a bit of a mess it may not choose the album you want if there are multiple options and there isn’t clear existing folder structure or metadata to point towards a particular album. However, if your albums are already organized one folder per album then Jaikoz should only match to album if all songs in that folder can be matched to one album, unless you have modified the options. Jaikoz always reviews possible matches than picks the best match, it does not just pick the first one.

Would be useful if you could run Create Support Files from the Advanced menu and then email so I can get a better idea of your particular circumstances.

Its true that Genre support is not so great in Jaikoz with MusicBrainz, currently I would recommend just using Genres from Discogs. MusicBrainz has now added support for Genres, but before then it only had support for free text Tags and these could be used for any purpose. Jaikoz precedes this new Genre support and only uses the free text tags not actual MusicBrainz Genres.

You can try out SongKong Lite for free, and from report it generates you can see exactly how well it does identifying your music.

Thankyou for your logs and email

Row 44 - this should be Past Masters, IIRC. Not That’ll Be the Day / In Spite of All the Danger

Row 50 should be Tony Sheridan and the Beatles, not My Bonnie

I never owned an album called

The Complete BBC Sessions: Upgraded


In Concert Addendum 2: 1965-1966

Anthology Outtakes Vol. 2

Compact Disc EP Collection

Abbey Road Working Version

The Decca Tapes

The Lost Album


So having checked your email and results there are no cases of Jaikoz matching the wrong song, the problem is limited to matching the wrong album. In the case of a band like the Beatles because their songs are available on so many albums getting this right is harder than for most bands.

“Duplicates” is my own entry, which contains…duplicates. I use those to complete albums.

Jaikoz can use existing folders and metadata but the problem we have is many of your songs are lumped into a single Duplicates folder and therefore impossible to unravel what the original albums were.

It would be useful if you could install SongKong and run Status Report this gives a better report then is currently available with Jaikoz but I think the pragamatic solution is simply to manully fix the Album field when it is has not picked the album you like.

With less popular artists/album organized folders you should not encounter this problem.