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Ability to access apple music data base

Not sure if you are able to do this, but I find that a number of releases, especially Classical box sets, can be tagged in apple music (itunes), but not with musicbrainz or discogs. For example, I recently tried to tag a release called " Le Panorama de la guitare" and many of the discs (25 discs in all) were not available in musicbrainz (some were available but not complete enough with the tags). All the discs were recognized in itunes. I had to rip them in itunes and then convert the apple format to FLAC. Would be great if songkong had access to this database (is it gracenote?).

I accept that MusicBrainz is not so good for box releases for two reasons:

  1. Editors are more interested in original releases than these large boxsets that are mostly collections of existing releases.
  2. BoxSets are difficult to add because of their size

But we cannot use Gracenote for various reasons.