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A Question about Jaikoz Auto Match

Hi Paul,
I have a question regarding Preference- > Local Correct -> Auto Match.
On this Auto Match page, the fields Genre. Composer and Comment are listed. Does this mean that these 3 fields are also used for a match with MusicBrainz/Discogs like the Artist, Album and Title fields?

Or what are these three fields Genre. Composer and Comment useful in an Auto Match?

AutoMatch in this context doesn’t refer to MusicBrainz. It means if you run Local Correct on one of these columns then AutoMatch is used to identify values in different songs that look like they are same value (i.e Beatles, Beetles) and then AutoFormat is used to set them to same value. To be honest I don’t use this feature anymore and I was considering removing it.

From the manual:

Cross Referencing Correct - Correct Artists/Albums/Titles/Genres/Recording Times/Composers

If you have a number of songs that you wish to adjust the data for the chances are at least some of them are by the same Artist and from the same Album. However if the source for these files are different the Metadata may be subtlety different,this means that when you try and play all tracks by a particular group or artist they do not all appear. For example the following artists are all different,but only slightly

  1. Flatuella Blurb - All words start with a capital letter
  2. Flatuella blurb- First words start with a capital letter
  3. The Flatuella Blurb - Additional definite article
  4. Blurb Flatuella - Words in different order
  5. Flatuella Blorb - Misspelling of second word
  6. Flatuella Blurb - Extra white space character at end of word
  7. Flatuella_Blurb - Words separated by underscore character
  8. Flatuella Blurbs - Extra punctuation

Which is the correct answer?

Item five is a misspelling so it is not this, item four is not that easy to read but is the accepted format for some audio encoders, any of the others could conceivably be OK. The correct answer really depends upon your personal preference. Auto Format allows you to automatically modify values to your personal taste. Are all these artists the same band, as a human reading this document it should be obvious that they are but to a computer it is not. But Auto Match can detect these similar values, again the similarity is defined by you.

Cross Referencing Correct try’s to work out which is the correct value to use by a combination of comparing similar values, and user options. Local Correct is available for the following fields

  1. Artist
  2. Album
  3. List item
  4. Genre
  5. Recording Time
  7. Composer

2.4.1. How it Works

Cross Referencing Correct works on a column by column basis,it identifies similar values and converts all similar values to the most common value. The procedure is as follows

  1. Create an empty new list
  2. For each record retrieve the Field Value relating to that column
  3. Using the options defined in Auto Match Preferences calculate a Match Value
  4. Using the options defined in Auto Format Preferences calculate a Format Value
  5. Has this field been found before, if not add it to the list with Count of zero
  6. If it has just increment the Count of this field in the list
  7. Sort the list by their Match Value and then Count,highest count first.
  8. If a record has the same Match Value as its preceding record set its Format Value to the same as the previous songs Format Value.
  9. Go through each song and find the song in the list with the same Field Value and set the name in the song to the Format Value.

Thank you for the explanation.
Maybe this Window should be named as LocalAutoMatch.

I have knowingly never used this AutoMatch and probably won’t use it in the future either.