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A manipulator for long filenames...?

Seems to me that a very handy manipulator, especially for us Windows users who have many classical files, which will manipulate (somehow) the post-fixed metadata to get a filename less than 249 characters minus accounting for the path. This would avoid creating invisible files held hostage in Windows folders. I have found that shortening filenames pre-fixing doesn’t nullify the ‘fix’ re-writing of the over-long metadata.

(Aren’t Windows users a vast majority of JThink customers?)

There is a post somewhere on the forums that show how you can do this with the rename masks. There are also a few posts about using 3rd party software to cut the names. EDIT: here is one of them

I have been wanting to modify the mask slightly so it makes the path no longer than 122 characters and the file name no longer than 122 characters. It is on my to do list. Currently I just use CutLongNames which is a free program I found on line to chop the overall length to where i want it.