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A few

Though I’m new to Jaikoz, a few things would make my work in the program a bit easier:

  1. The ability to have another slot of two for Autocorrect. For example, we can now set a number of chained events. It would be useful to me to have two sets of unrelated autocorrect chains.

  2. Highlight those rows who do not have Musicbrainz or Discogs results. That way, we can easily see in the spreadsheet things that need additional work.

1> Yes, a few people have requested this.
2> You can filter rows to show only rows that do /do not have a MusicBrainz Id using Filters:Filter MusicBrainz Recording Ids:MusicBrainz Recording Id does not Exist, and a Discogs id using Filters:Filter Discogs Releases:Discogs Release does not Exist. But this filters rows rather than highlights rows.