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501(c)3 / non-profit discount for Jaikoz / SongKong?

Greetings JThink,

I run a video game history, preservation, and empowerment 501©3 called Preservation Quest and believe we’ve a (pretty odd) use case that would require the commercial versions of SongKong and Jaikoz.

Wanted to ask if you were willing to or already offer any sort of discount on your tools for non-profit charitable purposes?

Stay safe out there!

Hi, okay I’ll waive the commercial license terms so you can purchase a standard version of SongKong which is less than half the price.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Should probably purchase the Pro licenses then to take advantage of all the features? And is there any sort of special license key that we’ll need?

No, just purchase the pro one and I will make a note