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40,000 songs, mostly rock and pop not correcting

When I search I clear the acoustic ID field, and Musicbrains and Discogs fields, and use Control+1, I get many weird results, I’d like to put them all in their original albums and Use only standard genres. I am getting 4000+ Genres like $#1 as a genre, and ÿ followed by many japanese characters for artist names, for example Aerosmith. I am wondering if I should use only discogs or only musicbrains, which would give me the best standard results?

Assuming the bad data is constrained to the Genre field I would try disabling getting genres from MusicBrainz, Discogs genres are better. But you still want to match songs to Musicbrainz for best results.

There is no point removing Acoustids as they will always be the same for a particular file, and do not prevent Jaikoz rematching.

thanks, that makes more sense, do you think I might get a better result with SongKong?

Possibly, you can see full results with the trial.

But do you have all the files in one folder, if so that is causing issues.

No, they are divided up into artist, album folders. I Really would love a setting walk-through there are so many settings, seemingly doing the same thing, I think my goal of getting songs identified correctly is failing.

You should not really change the settings unless you have a particular reason to, perhaps go back to the defaults. All settings are explained in Help but everyone has there own way of doing things and their own requirements so there is not really one solution for all (although defaults work well for many).

If you have a specific question then post as a new topic and I will try to answer.