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1 year subscription of updates for Jaikoz Audio Tagger Pro


Last year I have paid you for 1 year of updates for my Jaikoz Pro. It seems to me that during the whole subscribed year you did’n t release any updated versions at all.

I’m pretty sure you will agree with me that I should have rights for an extra free year of updates, given that I paid you already for a service unavailable during the subscription year.

Looking forward to hear from you soon, regards,
Laura Babeliowsky

You mainly paid to get access to the new version which you did, and you would have had access to additional new versions if there were any.

I am sorry but if your period has expired payment will be required to get this new version but of course you can continue to use your current version at no additional cost.

I guess that’s it, probably one less customer.

I can understand @Lababel

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So for £10 got a new version with some signifcant new features

  • [JAIKOZ-889] - Add Song Only Matching
  • [JAIKOZ-1231] - Add support for Albunack Id Matching
  • [JAIKOZ-1233] - Do direct match to MusicBrainz if cant find match in Albunack

thats sounds quite reasonable to me.

I can’t believe that 1 (one) update version out before my 1 year subscription (starting 15/feb/19 / ending 15/feb/20) it’s fulfilling your contract obligations with me.

Can you please tell me how many jaikoz updates were out during my paid subscription period for updates? Zero!

Since 2015 till now, I have paid you already for Jaikoz v8, Jaikoz Pro 10 and for 1year of free updates (WITH NO UPDATES).

I’m wondering what else should I paid? (According to you)

Hi Laura,

You didn’t pay for Jaikoz 10 and 1 year of version updates, you paid for one year of version updates and that provided you with Jaikoz 10. You also made payment to update from Standard to Pro, for your original standard purchase you paid a discounted rate and this was made in 2008.

I’m afraid there’s some English language misunderstanding. I have 3 invoices paid to you: Jaikoz v8, Jaikoz Pro and 1 YEAR UPDATES (from 15 of February 2019 til 14 of February 2020).
I’m not concerning at all about the first two invoices (by the way, discounted or not it doesn’t matter, I paid you for an upgrade from Jaikoz standard to Jaikoz PRO, anyway)

My question to you it still unanswered.

Have you release updated versions of Jaikoz Pro during my subscription period? (15/02/2019 to 14/02/2020)

Just to remind you, the content of this last invoice has clearly mentioned: 1 Year of free updates.

Where are those promised updates for my Jaikoz Pro during this paid subscription year??

Hi Laura

I think you are misunderstanding, the reason you paid for version updates was to upgrade to Jaikoz 10 because your version updates had already expired before Jaikoz 10 was released (in January 2019), without your payment you would not have had access to Jaikoz 10. i.e it didnt just give you access to version released since 15th February it also gave access to the current newest release. Additionally if I had done any other releases in the subsequent year you would have been able to update to those for free, but that didn’t happen.