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Unable to find next atom because identifier is invalid

Okay sounds like a plan. But we are always trying to improve SongKong and Jaikoz so if you have time to upload your Duran Duran album I would like to try fix this particular issue.

Sent you a link. I re-downloaded the files from Apple too just to ensure they’re as clean from the source as possible.

Happy to have you take a look. I just didn’t want to be a pain in the ass. Now if this were a Rush album getting all scrambled you’d never hear the end of it. :wink:

Thanks, downloaded the files now.

Ok, on SongKong found a bug in the optimization code when matching to multi-disc albums that can prevent good match working on a fix now.

Also same bug in Jaikoz

Okay, I have fixed the issue on SongKong and now Duran Duran Rio test works correctly, On Linux I have replaced the existing 9.2 release with a new one with this fix so you can try it out (In the About dialog will now say Build Date 27th June 2023 instead of 26th June 2023).

The fix will be released for all formats as part of 9.3 release, and I will do a new release of Jaikoz with equivalent fix.

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Great news. I’ll give it a try.


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