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Renaming files doesn't work like it should anymore since the latest update

Before the latest update I always renamed compilation tracks from tags simply to Artist - Title.
This doesn’t work anymore.
Even if I select it in the mask it always reverts back to Track - Artist - Title in the preferences of renaming files from tags. I can’t change that.
Please help!

And by the way, the online manual is outdated. It doesn’t reflect the look of the latest version.

Are you sure you have set a suitable mask for the Compilation rename mask

Or could it be they are not actually matched to a compilation, what is the Is Compilation flag set to, if unset then it will use the Rename mask

You are right Help needs updating for Jaikoz 11

Thank you for the answer.
Actually I can see that the Is Compilation is not checked.
But that doesn’t matter, because I have both rename masks set to Artist - Title.
Still after renaming the files after the tags I get a file in the format:
Track No. - Artist - File.
But I don’t want the track number.

That’s what I get.

Artist - Title is only the name of the mask, it should represent what the mask does but it isn’t the mask itself. So it looks to me that the mask is wrong, but I don’t have this mask in my list so maybe it is one you created yourself ?

Anyway if you select the mask in the Filename masks drop down and then select Edit you can see the mask then please post screenshot here.

Ah, I see!
Thank you very much!
Has it always been this way?
I think if so, something about the changes in the renaming preferences must have confused me.
I have now changed it accordingly and now everything works fine again.

No, before Jaikoz 11 you just add two masks you could edit, they had no name and you couldn’t pick masks from a list.

I see, so that’s what confused me. Good that you made it clear here.
Maybe I’m not the only one confused by this.
So thanks again for the help!

More details here - Jaikoz 11.0 Rename Files from Metadata Changes

Thank you!
I’ll read that! :slight_smile: