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Prefer Original Release to Compilation

I’m sorry I’m not sure exactly which point your responding to. I guess most importantly if you’re referring to the ability to get Jaikoz to only populate original year column automatically, I apologize for my ignorance but could you please school me or point me towards some info on how this can be done?

I still don’t understand why so many of my year field/re-naming scheme resulted in erroneously dated albums (i.e. 3 Queen albums from 2011) since that “Put Original Year into Year field” was checked, but if I could figure out how to get Jaikoz to auto-populate individual fields in an entry without changing the other fields I would be golden!!!:slight_smile:

I would also like to apologize for even asking that last question in my previous post (about syncing preferences), I should have checked before I posted. I bot the second Mac license last night and copied over the Jaikoz folder in the User folder and it appears to have worked. I apologize for wasting yours and the forums time, that type of laziness implies a lack of appreciation for the work that you have done with this awesome program and nothing could be further from the truth.

Enable Musicbrainz/Format/Put Original Year into Year field
Enable Musicbrainz/Automatch/Do Extra Searches to Find Original Release Year

Will try and find the earliest release that the recording can be found on, and use that as the year field instead of the year field of the actual release.

If you then set Musicbrainz/Format/Year to Replace If Empty then it won’t replace any existing values.

So in your case you could go through your songs deleting any dates that are not the earliest release year, but leave the one that are correct alone, then if you run Autocorrect from Musicbrainz it should fill in some of the missing ones without changing the ones that already have a value.

Of course, I cannot guarantee it is going to fix every song, or set every song to the real earliest date, at best it can only set to the earliest date found in Musicbrainz, and it is not that easy to find the earliest release in Musicbrainz when there are different versions of the same recording.

So does that anwser your question or are you asking for something different to this ?

First, paul thanks so much for your response. I decided that NOT[quote]Enabl(ing) Musicbrainz/Format/Put Original Year into Year field [/quote] and just using the Original Release Year field in my sub-Folder Renaming mask was the best way to go. I completely agreed with your assessment that this was the best way.

My new issue is that I absolutely do NOT want a full date in my Folder Renaming but would actually like the full date in my metadata if available. For example my current mask is : (orginalyear) artist - album" and Automatch put 2005-10-14 in my “Year” and my “Original Release Year” for Bell X1’s album Flock. When renaming my folder, I got “(2005-10-14) Bell X1 - Flock” and want (2005) Bell X1 - Flock. Is there anyway, with javascript, to indicate that I would only like to use the 4 digit year in my Renaming mask or do I have to manually replace all the dates in the “Original Release Year” field? I know that I can use Local Correct -> Correct Years to reduce the Year field to just the year, but I’d A) rather have the full date in the tag and B) really need to use the Local Correct feature on Original Release Year, not Year, and don’t see how that’s possible. I’m sorry that I’m always changing gears but I do feel some woul and any help would again be much appreciated

Yes, makes perfect sense, and can easily be achieved in the rename mask using substring



[quote=paultaylor]Yes, makes perfect sense, and can easily be achieved in the rename mask using substring




Substring!!! of course! thanks paul!

[quote=paultaylor]There have been a few posts about this issue so I’m just going to summarise how I see it.

In Jaikoz 380 (beta) if you set Preferred Release Date to Earliest Release Date Jaikoz will normally match Jaikoz to the song with the earliest release date, but there are two cases where it will not.

  1. Your song is a better metamatch to a compilation
  2. Your song is in fact a later version of a song, different to the original song that you want it to match to, normally identified by having significantly different track length.

Currently you can get round <1> by setting Prefer do not Match to Various/Single Artist Compilation , there is no way to solve problem <2>

Going forward I have had the following requests.

  1. For compilations continue to match to the compilation track but put into the Year field the release year of the original song.

  2. For compilations continue to match to the compilation track but put into Original Release Time field (ID3 only field in current version of Jaikoz) the release year of the original song.

  3. Match all fields to the earliest song you can find even if track lengths dont actually match.

I don’t like (3) firstly because its just wrong for Jaikoz to match to a song that it knows is incorrect, and secondly because it could cause problem for Musicbrainz, if having matched to these songs you send Musicbrainz Ids/Puids back to Musicbrainz you are in fact corrupting the Musicbrainz database.

It turns out that normally people want <3> just to get the correct release year, so the best solution is <2> because then the metadata is perfectly correct and it gives you the information you require. <1> is not quite correct either although its not going to corrupt Musicbrainz, of course if you really want to put the original release year into the release year field you can do that easily in Jaikoz using Prepend to Left.

Technically finding the song with the earliest release date would take forever on the current version of Musicbrainz but with Musicbrainz NGS it is alot more feasible because the same track (known as recording in NGS) can be on multiple albums so quite easy to iterate through the releases to find the earliest release date. So if you do want to keep your compilation metadata you can then use this method to get the original release date. However when the track is a different version it will not be the same recording so we cannot use this method, but we could to a more exhaustive metadata search to find tracks with same name but different lengths if not necessary to do it for every track. We can also make use of track A is an earlier version of track B relationships within Musicbrainz, those there are fairly rare.

In the interface there would simply be another match option called Do extra searches to find original release , it would also complete the ID3 fields Original Release (which would become a field for all formats) . That way you are getting the extra information you want without losing any information.


If I want to get the earliest release date found in the Original Year tag How do I proceed?
For instance “Hunting High and Low (remix)” from A-Ha

I did a CTRL+SHiFT+5 (Manual correct Metadata from MusicBrainz) and pointed to the 1985 year.

It was filled in correctly , but the question is can’t Jaikoz do this automatically for chosen songs?
I’m a pro license user but can’t find the Do extra searches to find original release

Kind Regards

It was filled in correctly , but the question is can’t Jaikoz do this automatically for chosen songs?
I’m a pro license user but can’t find the [b]Do extra searches to find original release
Kind Regards
That option was only needed when we contacted MusicBrainz directly, now that we use Albunack the database is already optimized to help find original release dates.

So did you want Year to be set to earliest release date or just Original Year, if automatch didnt do this could you tell me the MusicBrainz Recording Id of the track and I will see if I can see why not.

Hi There, is a disc witch I have bought and challenges Jaikoz a lot.

It is a Various artist release.
It was released in 1992
It contains songs which where hits in my country in the year 1985

The original Release year isn’t filled in.

The Pre Historie is a Radio Program on Flemish radio station 2 dating back to the year 1984.
During a episode Music from a certain mont/decennial period is played and between music trivia/news from the same times is given. It almost literal takes you back in time…
Hence a lot of compilations cd’s came out…

Why is the original Release year not filled in automatically…

Kind Regards
Guy Forssman

I’ve seen this topic has been up for quite some years.

Is there any way to make Jaikoz use original Release Meta-Information for Year, Album, Cover etc. instead those stupid Album Compilations?
I want to see the original Cover and Year of the song when playing and not the 2nd 3rd or 1000st release on a compilation disc etc.

Kind regards!