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Possible issue with "Correct Filenames from Metadata"

Using Jaikoz 11.0.1, when I use the “Correct Filenames from Metadata” function this does not always give me the expected results (or what they used to be in earlier versions).
The problem I think is with Titles containing a forward slash (see screenshot)

I have the Rename mask set at a simple Artist\Artist - Title. As you can see after an Update metadata from an existing Musicbrainz id or release id and then doing a Correct Filenames from Metadata, only the filenames with slashes in them are being changed, only the last part of the metadata from after the slash is used.

Maybe this is something that I should/could catch in the Replace ‘from’ character with ‘to’ character preferences but I checked my old settings and I did not have to do this before?

Okay yes this looks like a bug., raised

We used to have to have a separate mask for the subfolder part to the filename part, we now have a single
mask and so having applied the mask to the metadata, Correct FIlename From Metadata takes the result to the right of the last ‘/’, I will have to do special handling here.

Now fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.3 Chapterhouse released May 27th 2021

Thanks for your quick response and fix Paul. Just want to let you know I tested it and the issue is solved

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