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Match Songs to Selected Release in Manual Tag from Musicbrainz

the other issue with trying to apply a MB release to all the songs included in a MB Manual lookup doesn’t work anymore. I hate having to manually select each MB release when doing a manual lookup. Do you need me to take a screen shot of that? I wish I could try on another PC, right now I do not have one.

Thank for all your help Paul!! :slight_smile:

Okay, yes it doesnt seem to work anymore I will look into it.

Hi, okay I have found the bug, and have a workaround Match Songs to Selected Release will only work if the first two columns are SongNo and Select, but by default Song No is hidden

So you need to use the column control in the right hand corner to enable the Song No field

and now Match Songs to Selected Release will work

Have raised a bug and will be fixed for next release

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Thank you…this is a great work around!!! :slight_smile:

I think what happened was that the column used to be enabled by default, and then i turned it off to save a bit of screen space which exposed the bug, but wasn’t aware of it until you brought my attention to it.

Fixed in Jaikoz 11.1.0 Hole released 3rd March 2022