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Jaikoz 11.0 base folder change

In the new version, I’ve set my base folder as F:\Music. When I open the F:\Music\R\P\Pink Floyd folder in Jaikoz, it correctly shows all my Pink Floyd albums and songs, but the base folder is shown as F:\Music\R\P and all the subfolder entries on the table start with Pink Floyd. If I open the F:\Music\R\P folder, the base folder shows as F:\Music\R. A bug?

Hi, yes looks like a bug I have raised and should be fixed within a few days.

In the meantime I guess you know you can use Action:File and Folder Correct:Shift SubFolder to Base Folder to work round this if you need to rename files

Hi, I think the problem is simply that the option Guess where to split folder into Base Folder displayed on the Open Folder dialog is unchecked, it should be checked by default.

If you check it (and then do Advanced:Empty Cache) then do things work as expected ?

You are correct, sir. That fixed my (non-)problem. Apologies for the red herring.

No there is a bug, it shouldn’t be unchecked by default, its not the easiest option to spot as only shows on the Folder dialog itself.

Fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.1 Released May 24th 2021