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How big would SK database get for a 250k track library?

Thanks Paul, I’ve moved 36GB off to the music drive for now so that should leave about 65-70GB for reports…hope they are not really going to consume so much or loading them will be a challenge.

It should complete this evening I hope.

No, they should not . The issue is that an html file is created for each album, and cut down images are created for artwork. You will probably look at a minimal amount of the report but it is created in full so it can serve the files to you immediately and can be browsed independently of SongKong even running.

freeing up some older Roon backups from a few years back too…recycle bin this time. so should be plenty of space by then - now more than 100+GB

System finished but error out suddenly so I am sending a support file currently. Taking some time to generate that. If you don’t get it please tell me where to find it so I can send by other means.

@paultaylor Also should I restart the fix process or just continue on to duplicate deletion/moves?

Grab 2020-07-15 at  01.58.01

When you say errors out suddenly do you mean it says unreported error on the summary report, or that an error/warning dialog came up.

Yes as per the screen shot… I came up to check on it and it was done…still writing out the support file but looks likes its almost done maybe…

edit now uploading

Grab 2020-07-15 at  02.19.39

Unable to select a duplicates folder to move things to now. Havent done anything other than select dupes options after running the fix. Files were send successfully a min or so back.

Ok it’s not entirely surprising with such a large library, it maybe an issue with a specific file or a problem with part of report creation. But the songs that have been matched are saved as go along so the fixing has occurred. Will be able to say more when i have support files, but you could check the bottom of the errors tab.

nothing that looked out of the ordinary in the report, mostly empty finger prints to the end… the last 4 messages were as follows

Jul 15, 2020, 12:57:18 AM

Warning:Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for song 251,899 file M:\music\Tims Music\Tool\Undertow\Tool - [Untitled] (7).flac because ERROR: Empty fingerprint
Jul 15, 2020, 12:57:18 AM

Warning:Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for song 251,900 file M:\music\Tims Music\Tool\Undertow\Tool - [Untitled] (8).flac because ERROR: Empty fingerprint
Jul 15, 2020, 12:57:18 AM

Warning:Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for song 251,901 file M:\music\Tims Music\Tool\Undertow\Tool - [Untitled] (9).flac because ERROR: Empty fingerprint
Jul 15, 2020, 12:57:18 AM

Warning:Unable to retrieve an acoustic id for song 251,902 file M:\music\Tims Music\Tool\Undertow\Tool - [Untitled].flac because ERROR: Empty fingerprint

Its nearly 02:30AM here so I am going to let it sit and see if its still writing things out maybe. and will touch base again tomorrow.

Thanks Paul

That is because you have When you have a duplicate songs set to Delete duplicates, you need to set it to Move Duplicates to Duplicate Folder, but also now you have run Fix Songs you should change Song is a duplicate if has same to something that uses MusicBrainz Ids, not just rely on the metadata because that is less accurate.

Also, I would advise reviewing your fix songs results results before diving into Delete Duplicates.

I am downloading your support files, but I am now out for the evening so will not be able to give you any more feedback until tomorrow.

OK must be just a blur and missed the dropdown to move. So thats sorted.

This is a backup of my full music that is still on my NAS so really an experiment I can afford to use a throw away if needed. I have another more complete backup too.

Go enjoy your evening, I’m off to bed :slight_smile:

Hi, so at about 6.10pm July 14th SongKong had issues connecting to any remote service, this was not just the jthink service but also the acoustid service (not run by me), so I think there must have been some temporary internet problem at your end.

Anyway, this wasn’t handle totally correctly and caused a couple of nullpointer exceptions, that meant these two song groups did not complete processsing. When the report is created it checks how many songs we started processing, and how many completed and because there was a discrepancy (of 42 songs) it reported unreported error. So it need not really concern you but I have logged a bug so that SongKong handles this condition properly.

Also I noticed there were some songs that SongKong could not read if thdy are playable then this is usually due to some weirdness in how the existing file is organized. it would be helpful if you could send me some example files to see if I can handle these better. The full list is shown in the Not Loaded tab, but I just need a few examples of different types.


  • 10cc\1975. 10CC - The Original Soundtrack (Mercury 830 776-2, Germany)\01. Une Nuit A Paris.flac
  • Bläck Fööss\Panz Panz Panz\02 De Bläck Fööss - Achterbahn.wav
  • Josh Groban\2013 - All that Echoes {Target Edition} (093624945772)\02. False Alarms.flac
  • Madonna\Like A Prayer\02. Express Yourself.flac
  • om Scott\Bluestreak (1996)\03. Love Poem.flac
  • Tom Scott\Smokin’ Section (1999)\04. Lonely One.flac
  • Tims Music\Janet Seidel\The Art of Lounge\Pure Music Bookmark.pmbmf\Janet Seidel - 13 - Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying.m4a
  • Tims Music\Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart\Clarinet Quintet in A, K.581\01 Allegro 2.m4a

and also a few songs it could read but not make any changes to

  • Alans Music\Andre Heuvelman\After Silence\02 A Chloris - Andre Heuvelman.wav
  • Alans Music\Art Garfunkel\1973 Angel Clare (Sony Music Japan Mini LP Blu-spec CD 2012)\02. Down In The Willow Garden.wav
  • Alans Music\Aswad\Cool Summer Reggae\01. Shine.wav
  • Alans Music\Santana\1979 - Marathon (Japan Mini LP 2010)\09. Love.wav

Would be most helpful if you could send these

I’ll do my best to amass them into a file to upload somewhere…maybe a link on my server or is there a preferred upload location for your end?

at 6:10PM we had an island wide internet outage for about 20 mins that I clicked on retry once or twice as I thought it had come up but then it it only came back to go on processing about 6:30 I think

Thanks for the insight as to what happened - happy to help improve the product with some bug support info

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Thanks I have reviewed why some files could not be loaded, and why some could but could not be saved. In all cases there was a corruption/problem with the original file, I have managed to handle some cases so the files can be loaded and saved, but not all.

These fixes will come in SongKong 6.10.1

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… yes and it is now released.

So I see…3am here so I’ll install on the weekend probably. Let update I recall cleared/reset the database would that be right?

No it would be quicker not to reset anything.

I didn’t have any option I recall it just said resetting database when I installed it or something to that effect…was too fast to screen grab it

Oh I see, yes it does recreate the database on update to ensure db is compatible with current version. However there was no database change with this last version, so ideally the program logic should not have recreated the database unless updating from earlier version than that.

Ive added to the TODO list.